I just went Pro...kinda...

Today marks a significant event in my brewing life; I started an internship at a local brewery here in Colorado. I'm really excited because it's one of my favorite breweries in the area. It was by far my first choice and after waiting weeks with no reply I finally got a response last week and the interview process was basically "When do you want to work?"

We brewed a real basic beer today, one that many beer snobs might even turn their nose up at, but it was a great learning experience. I got to perform every step in the brewing process at least once and some of them twice. I think half of brewing is being able to wrap your head around plumping; you can't imagine the number of pipes/hoses/valves involved in the brewing process, even on a small scale!
Foreign Style Stout in a can, Upslope Brewing Company
Upslope Foreign Style Stout
What I'm Drinking:
Upslope (HINT) Foreign Style Stout

A limited release from Upslope. A wonderfully mild burnt taste; medium bitterness in the finish and smooth taste throughout. Really a great example of the style and one of my new favorites...period.

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