Last year, as we were acclimating to US life again, I caught wind of this awesome beer and food pairing event in D.C. We happened to be traveling to D.C. for my cousin's graduation party the following weekend so I was trying to figure out clever ways to stretch the trip out to attend both. Alas the timing was off as I had discovered the event too late. Turns out that event was SAVOR and is said to be fantastic. 

This year SAVOR is heading to New York City. It happens to line up with other trips to that general region we are planning so I'm back to scheming. This time I may have enough of a head start given that they just announced the breweries who are attending. This event actually has breweries competing for the chance to pour through a lottery system. This does happen to be just two weeks before the National Homebrewers' Conference which I also have my eyes on. I'm not sure SWMBO will authorize all this travel for beer-related purposes...

Information about SAVOR can be found at the 2013 SAVOR Website.

I've only attended two beer festivals in the US. The first was the Columbus Beer Fest and the second was the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. The former had a decent offering of breweries but was in a tremendously over-sized venue which left it feeling kind of warehouse-ish while the latter was, despite its large size, PACKED. SAVOR looks to be a more upscale and refined event which probably has its pros and cons. I tend to be a deep thinker where beer is concerned so I can appreciate the sophistication that food pairings brings to the craft beer industry. 

What I'm Drinking:
Homebrewed Greenbelt Pale Ale

Dense head with tight lacing, citrus and floral aromas, moderately high hop bitterness.

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