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I've decided to blog about beer. This decision is largely borne of my need to talk to someone other than myself about brewing; I'm starting to get weird looks from strangers. 

While living in Kuwait I was introduced to the joys of homebrewing. I consider this ironic given the illegality of alcohol there. Amplifying the irony is that we had diplomatic privileges and could very well buy professionally crafted beer yet still decided to drink the swill we were making on our stove tops. 

Sometime before serving in Kuwait I knew that I wanted more out of my beer drinking than the 'lights' had to offer me. Don't get me wrong, I won't kick a Bud Light out of bed for eating crackers if it's the only thing available to me, but I far prefer some more flavor to my beer. My first love affair would probably be Sam Adams' Boston Lager. It's still a go-to beer selection when nothing else is appealing to me.

Since being introduced to brewing I've fallen deeper and deeper into it. I've built a kegerator, purchased a 20 gallon Blichmann Boilermaker pot, and have plans in the works to build an all-electric brewing setup. Yea, it's an obsession. I've also developed an appreciation for the commercial brewing industry and enjoy following the goings-on within it. 

I haven't 100% settled on the design of this blog so expect tumult for the next few weeks/years while I figure it out (read: wait for my very talented wife to tell me what looks best).
What I'm Drinking: 
Homebrewed American Amber Ale

Sweet aroma, clear copper coloring, medium-bodied with caramel notes and a slight bitterness. Flavors linger on the tongue beckoning you to take another sip.


nice!! glad you started this - will look forward to each of your brews and your wild and crazy next must-have equipment the picture - looks very inviting indeed!!


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